French is taught from Year 1, although the National Curriculum requires this to be taught only from Key Stage 2. The aim is to encourage the children to enjoy learning another language through a variety of oral activities, games and songs. We familiarise the children with some basic practical vocabulary, grammar structures, as well as studying some aspects of life in France.

All aspects of language development are attended to, including reading, writing, speaking and listening. Research has shown that it is only through the development of these four areas together that pupils can become competent in their later development.

To encourage interaction and conversation, pupils participate in events such as the French Fashion Show in Year 5 and the French Market Experience in Year 6. The French Market has been an excellent way to motivate pupils who earn “Euros” in all of their subjects for one term that they will later spend in our Market Experience. It has cross curricular links to PHSE as budgeting and saving are required as well.

Please follow our Frog French site for current events and work.