We wish to foster a love for music through listening, composing and performing, as well as appreciating different styles and types of music. At Whitchurch, pupils have the unique opportunity to learn a brass, woodwind or percussion instrument at no cost starting in Year 4. Each child selects an instrument with the guidance of the Music teacher that they will play for the next three years, thus developing their skills as a musician. Pupils have individualised computer logins to provide online practicing help at home.

In Year 3, pupils learn foundation skills on the recorder, singing, xylophone and non-pitched percussion instruments. We are also fortunate to participate in a whole class instruction program offered by the Harrow Music Service and Inspira Works. The project teaches pupils to play, sing and dance in the style of traditional Balinese music.

All pupils participate in weekly singing rehearsals as well as assembly singing and year group singing too.

There are also a number of extracurricular opportunities for children including Choir, Chamber Choir, Recorder Club, Guitar Club, Junior and Senior Orchestra and Band. Pupils are also encouraged to share their learning from outside the school setting by playing in assemblies and sharing with their class such as our January Piano Recital, Xmas Factor Talent Show, Our Christmas Concert, Summer Music Concert and year end musical production. Parents have a chance to participate too in our Wednesday evening Parent Band (also at no cost). This allows parents to try their hand at playing a musical instrument with no prior learning required.

Individual music tuition is also offered through the peripatetic music support from the local authority. They offer guitar, violin, viola and cello.

Please follow our Music page on Frog for current events and work.

Harrow Music Service video

Please take a few minutes to look at the video from Harrow Music Service, featuring current and past pupils of Whitchurch. We hope this video is an inspiration to all our pupils to see the value of learning a musical instrument.