Physical Education


At Whitchurch, we have a wide range of sports which children can take part in. Pupils will experience Physical Education through dance, gymnastics, athletics, games, swimming and outdoor and adventurous activities. Lessons will include a range of activities designed to help the pupils improve their skills, teamwork, application and tactics. Lessons will occur twice per week, totaling 120 minutes. To supplement this, we offer a wide range of extra-curricular sports clubs to help the children reach their targeted 5 hours of sport per week.

We are linked to a number of community sports and dance clubs who provide both coaching and further opportunity for our pupils to be engaged in sport. All pupils at our school will compete in a range of intra-school competitions throughout the school year. There are also opportunities for our talented athletes to compete in inter-school competitions.

Click here for an overview of our Physical Education curriculum.

Primary PE and Sports Funding

From September 2013 every school is receiving additional funding specifically to spend on developing sport and PE in school. For more information on the PE and Sport funding please visit the DfE website. Find out how we allocate our PE and Sports Funding.


At Whitchurch we have a range of sports teams and clubs that you can join, for example, football, tennis, gymnastics, dance, netball.


Please keep checking our news for the updates on latest sporting events.