Regular school attendance is considered to be of great importance at Whitchurch. Without it all our efforts to provide a high quality education come to nothing; for if a child is not present at school they cannot learn what we have prepared for them or reach their full potential.
Absences and Illnesses

If your child is ill you should telephone the school office on 020 8951 5380 or send an email to by 9.30am. If you have not contacted the school, a member of staff will telephone you to find out where your child is. This is for your child’s safety and to ensure that we know they are safely with you, so please be understanding if you receive a call from us.

If you are not sure how long your child should be off school due to illness, please refer to our table of illnesses. For more information on an illness or condition and the latest up-to-date guidance, please visit the NHS website.

Public Health England has issued winter-readiness information for schools which you may find useful.

If your child requires medication to be administered at school, you will need to fill out a parental consent form.