Can you help Whitchurch raise £200,000 for new playgrounds?

In recent years, school budgets have been cut. In fact, 91% of school nationwide have seen cuts to their schools and Whitchurch is one of these schools.

Whitchurch Primary School and Nursery has had a makeover in recent years. A new staffroom, new Reception classroom, new furniture and paint work. We wish to extend this makeover to the playground which some children, staff and parents now feel is looking tired and in need of updating.

Our wish is to create a space outside which is as inviting and inspiring as the rest of our wonderful school. For your children to enjoy playtimes with a variety of stimulating games to play.

Could you help by making a charitable donation? Do you know of any local businesses who would like to invest in our site for current and future pupils to enjoy? Perhaps you are a member of the Whitchurch alumni and would like to donate. Whatever the reason, we would greatly appreciate any support to help us reach our goal.

Below are some ideas; the final design will be drawn up by pupils, staff and Governors.