Please look here for recent and relevant letters that have been emailed to your child’s class or year group. If you are missing a letter that has been sent home and cannot find it here please contact your child’s class teacher to ask them to email you a copy or contact the school office. Paper copies can also be requested from the school office.


Amended arrangements for end of school day (added June 2018)

Legal responsibility for collecting children (added June 2018)

Sports Day – Friday 22nd June (added June 2018)

Harrow Music Service video (added June 2018)

Please take a few minutes to look at the video from Harrow Music Service. I am sure you will recognise some current and past pupils of Whitchurch. I hope this video is an inspiration to all our pupils to see the value of learning a musical instrument. Mrs Daswani, Headteacher

FoW Summer Fair Brochure Cover Design (added June 2018)

FoW Summer Fair Mufi Days for Toy and Drink Donations (added June 2018)

London Schools History Day – Friday 8th June (added May 2018)

Walk to School Week – 21st to 24th May (added May 2018)

Shoe Share – Wednesday 23rd May (added May 2018)

Summer Time Menu – Thursday 17th May (added May 2018)

Harrow Music Fair with Instrument Zoo – 10th May (added May 2018)

NSPCC Assembly (added April 2018)

Reading Workshop for Parents – 18th April (added April 2018)
To apply for a place at this reading workshop, please complete the online form:

Donate a Birthday Book (added March 2018)

Online Safety Parents Presentation (added February 2018)

Internet Safety (added February 2018)

Children’s Centre Activities 12-16 Feb (added February 2018)

Children’s Centre Activities 19 Feb-29 March (added February 2018)

Fourth Plinth competition (added February 2018)

Visit the Fourth Plinth website for more information and have a look at the competition rules before you get started. There is also a Fourth Plinth Teachers Resource pack that has some useful examples and templates to help you.

Hand Washing Guidance (added January 2018)

As you may have heard on the news, this flu season is the worst the country has experienced in seven years. Please go through the guidance on hand washing with your child to help to stop the spread of infection. If your child has a virus, please ensure that they have fully recovered before sending them back to school. Children who have vomited or have had diarrhoea must not return to school until 48 hours following the last incident. The school will be phoning parents of children who have been sent back to school before they are fully recovered and ask them to collect their child.

Adverse Weather (added December 2017)

Adverse Weather Conditions Policy (added December 2017)

Cold Weather Alert – Met Office (added December 2017)

OpenCheck – school opening during adverse weather conditions (added December 2017)

Winter Readiness Information (added December 2017)

Whole School Reading List (added December 2017)

Head Lice (added December 2017)

FoW Pilates Mat flyer (added November 2017)

FoW Pilates Mat fundraising information (added November 2017)

Child Safety on YouTube (added November 2017)

FoW Easy Fundraising (added November 2017)

Children in Need 2017 (added November 2017)

FoW Quiz Night (added November 2017)

FoW Copper Jar Challenge (added November 2017)

Library After School Opening (added November 2017)

FoW Christmas Card Fundraising (added November 2017)

Harvest Shopping List (added October 2017)

Autumn Festivals Celebration Day (added October 2017)

Physical Education (added October 2017)

Parents’ Evening (added September 2017)

Book Fair and Mufti Day (added September 2017)

School Library (added September 2017)

Growing and Developing Relationships (added June 2017)

Summer Fair 2017 (added June 2017)

Portion Size Information from Pride Catering (added May 2017)

Letter from Schools Forum – Government Funding Formula (added May 2017)

Carrot Rewards (added May 2017)

Checking Eligibility for Free School Meals (added November 2016)

Friends of Whitchurch Easy Fundraising (added November 2016)

Free School Meals (added October 2016)



Photo Consent Form 2017 (updated July 2017)

Parental Consent for the Administration of Medication in School Form (added October 2016)

Health and Wellbeing Form (added October 2016)



Please see the relevant year group Frog site.


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