Please look here for recent and relevant letters that have been emailed to your child’s class or year group. If you are missing a letter that has been sent home and cannot find it here please contact your child’s class teacher to ask them to email you a copy or contact the school office. Paper copies can also be requested from the school office.


Harvest Shopping List (added October 2017)

Autumn Festivals Celebration Day (added October 2017)

Physical Education (added October 2017)

Italian Day Menu (added October 2017)

Parents’ Evening (added September 2017)

Book Fair and Mufti Day (added September 2017)

School Library (added September 2017)

Harrow XCite Fair (added September 2017)

Summer Music Camp at Harrow Arts Centre (added July 2017)

Sports Day at Bannister Stadium (added June 2017)

Growing and Developing Relationships (added June 2017)

Summer Fair 2017 (added June 2017)

Portion Size Information from Pride Catering (added May 2017)

Letter from Schools Forum – Government Funding Formula (added May 2017)

Carrot Rewards (added May 2017)

Checking Eligibility for Free School Meals (added November 2016)

Friends of Whitchurch Easy Fundraising (added November 2016)

Free School Meals (added October 2016)



Photo Consent Form 2017 (updated July 2017)

Parental Consent for the Administration of Medication in School Form (added October 2016)

Health and Wellbeing Form (added October 2016)



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