Mobile Phones in School


At Whitchurch Primary School the welfare and well-being of our pupils is paramount. Our policy on the use of mobile phones in school has been drawn up in the best interests of pupil safety and staff professionalism.

Use of mobile phones


Pupils are not permitted to have mobile phones at school or on trips, unless permission has been given by the year group leader. If in the rare event of a parent wishing for his/her child to bring a mobile phone to school to contact the parent after school:

  • The parent must complete and return the attached form at the bottom of this page, and return for consideration by the year group leader.
  • The phone must be handed in and switched off, to the year groups designated person first thing in the morning, and collected by the child at home time (the phone is left at the owner’s own risk).
  • Pupils are not allowed to take photographs of other pupils or staff in school.
  • Mobile phones brought to school without permission will be confiscated and must be collected by the parent.


      • All staff must have their phones on ‘silent’ or switched off during class time.
      • All staff may not make or receive personal calls during teaching time/ contracted hours unless it is work related. If there are extreme circumstances (eg. acutely sick relative) the member of staff should make the Head Teacher aware of this and will have discussed the need to make an emergency call.
      • Use of phones must be limited to non-contact time/ lunchtime when no children are present.
      • Phones must be kept out of sight (eg. drawer, handbag, staff cupboard) when staff are with children. Photographs may be taken on personal phones with permission of the year group leader.
      • Provided that the phone is not enabled for ‘cloud-based’ or synchronised storage* outside the control of the school, personal phones may be used to take photographs of children but photographs should not be stored for more than 5 school days or use to store pupils personal data. Personal phones should not be connected to non-school computers for back up until after any such photos are removed.

*includes but is not limited to ICloud, DropBox, Flickr etc.

Parents & other visitors

Mobile phones must never be used to take photographs in the school building or grounds during school hours, or outside without the specific permission of all parents whose children might be included.

We very much appreciate our parents’ support in implementing this policy in order to keep your children / our pupils safe. Please download the permission form at the end of the mobile phone policy and return it to school should you wish your child to bring a phone into school.

Mobile Phone Policy