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The Role of a School Governor

School governors are members of a school’s Governing Body. They have responsibility for raising school standards through their three key roles of setting strategic direction, ensuring accountability and monitoring & evaluating school performance. They are the largest volunteer force in the country. Governors are made up of parents, staff, members of the community and appointed representatives from the Local Authority.

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Who can become a school governor?

All types of people can become school governors. No special qualifications are required, but you must be 18 or over on the date when you are elected or appointed.

Enthusiasm, commitment and an interest in education are the most important qualities. You don’t need to have a child at the school. All Governors are required to complete a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) before they become a school governor.

Please see below for more information about our team of Governors.

How to become a governor

Usually, governors are usually elected when a vacancy becomes available. A vacancy can arrive by an existing governor’s term of office ending, a governor moving on or changes in legalities. When a vacancy arrives it will be advertised though letters in school and on the school website or learning platform. This will contain information regarding how to apply for the vacancy. If you are really interested in becoming a governor in general, please visit the Harrow Council website section for school governance for more information and to apply.

Our Governing Body

Dr Kulabalasingham Sudhakar (Acting Chair of Governors)

I am a teacher of Mathematics at a leading independent school in Harrow and have been working as a secondary school teacher for nearly 14 years in both state and independent schools. Alongside teaching Mathematics, I have held many positions of responsibility within these schools to improve pupil achievements, numeracy across the curriculum, teaching and learning, and staff development. At present I am the chair of the school Staff Association, overseeing staff welfare. In addition, I have worked as a GCSE/A-Level examiner for nearly 10 years for a leading exam board. I am very excited to be part of the Whitchurch School governing body and will share my knowledge and experience to make a positive impact in the Whitchurch School community.

Meera Shah

I work part time within the NHS. I am passionate about children and young adults, and, work primarily with teenagers. I can see how a solid foundation shapes young children to become happy, confident teenagers who then progress to well adjusted young adults.

I understand how important the school environment is in shaping a child’s life, and that teachers and other members of staff can have a lifelong impact.

I believe education is the key to achieving a healthy, balanced life. As a parent governor, I am happy to be involved in supporting the school and staff who teach our children / direct the progress of the school.

Link Governor for Inclusion – Gifted and Talented, Pupil Premium and Sport Premium focus

Manji Kara

I am a retired railway engineer dedicating my free time for community service. I have been a Ward councillor since 2002 as well as an LEA nominated school governor at Glebe Primary School and Stanburn Primary School over the years. I was an active member of the PTA at Priestmead School and Park High School where my sons received fine education.

Link Governor for Health and Safety

Maria Nickson

I have been teaching at Whitchurch for four years and during this time I have worked across both Key Stages 1 and 2.​ I have also mentored Newly Qualified Teachers which requires half termly observations, guidance and support with all aspects of pedagogy. I am the PE Coordinator which entails budgeting the sports grant money, organising sporting events, sports clubs and most importantly our annual whole school sports day.

Prior to entering full time teaching, I worked as an TA in a special school in Harrow which catered for all Key Stages up to the age of 18. My first employment was in the Leisure industry, coaching tennis and swimming across many London boroughs. I have always had a sporting background and was fortunate to be selected as a volunteer lifeguard for the triathlon in the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

Staff Governor

Sarah Mehrali

As a former television news journalist, I am accustomed to relaying the stories and priorities of individuals whilst getting to the heart of the issue promptly. I worked as a producer at ITN, the BBC and Thomson Reuters up until recently. I now work for a sports consultancy, focussed on helping more women reach board level positions within the British sports sector. In addition, I am collaborating with a Cabinet Office backed tech start-up called Bright Little Labs that is producing books and a television show that will for the first time ever, feature a British Gujarati girl as the protagonist.

For several years, I was a member of Friends of Whitchurch which I found to be hugely fulfilling, gave me an insight into systems of the school as well as enabling me to make a great set of friends. With a combination of government cuts and my professional history, I have felt the children could benefit from greater exposure to extra-curricular activities that will equip them for an AI-led world, a focus on the art of public speaking (I worked at TED talks last year) and an overall approach that will ensure consistency and stability for the children in their foundation years.

Paul Smith

I have two children at the school and have been a member of the school community since 2016.

As Chief Executive and Board member of a number of public sector organisations in Australia and the UK in recent years, I have developed key skills in leadership, collaboration and communication. I am an effective listener and a pro-active decision-maker, and strongly feel that effective communication is a key responsibility of a governing body. As a governor I am keen to see more openness about the discussions and decisions being considered by the governing body, ensuring an open relationship with parents.

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Enthusiasm, commitment and an interest in education are the most important qualities for being a governor