Regular school attendance is considered to be of great importance at Whitchurch. Without it all our efforts to provide a high quality education come to nothing; for if a child is not present at school they cannot learn what we have prepared for them or reach their full potential.

We therefore aim to have the maximum attendance rates possible for our pupils. There will, of course, be just and valid reasons why pupils cannot attend school on occasions, but we have systems in place to monitor and investigate absences across the school.

Please read our Attendance Policy for more information.

If you would like more information on what to do if your child is ill, please have a look at our Illness and Absence page.

In exceptional circumstances time off school may be granted. If you require more information on what counts as an ‘exceptional’ case, please contact us. An Exceptional Circumstances Absence Application Form will need to be completed.

Legislation now states that holidays cannot be granted in school time and fines can be applied for children being out of school for unauthorised reasons. For more information regarding this please read the Education Penalty Notices leaflet.