Trips and Residentials


School trips are a powerful and positive teaching tool that help enhance pupils’ social, personal and emotional development. Activities in new environments can help teach life skills and improve independence. Learning outside the classroom can make lessons more memorable, and motivate and enthuse pupils to learn, adding value to pupils’ academic and personal development and providing opportunities for kinaesthetic learning (learning by doing).

The school runs a number of trips during the school day to enhance and enrich the curriculum. All year groups at Whitchurch participate in at least two educational trips during each academic year, building upon learning across all areas of the curriculum. Many of these trips are free, but for trips where there is a charge we ask parents to make a voluntary contribution; trips cannot go ahead if contributions are not made (see our charging policy).

Residential trips take place in years 4, 5 and 6. In Year 4 pupils take part in a one night residential to Kingswood Outdoor Activity Centre in Kent to develop self-confidence, resilience and problem-solving skills. A one night residential trip to the Golden Hinde in Southwark immerses our Year 5 pupils in living history, enriching their class based learning of the Tudor period. During their stay on the replica Tudor warship, pupils use drama to bring Tudor times to life and learn about the lives of Tudor sailors. In their last year at Whitchurch, Year 6 pupils participate in a two night residential to Robin Wood in Lancashire. Pupils take part in a wide range of physical activities to further develop their resilience and confidence to approach experiences which are outside of their usual routine. There is a charge for all residential trips.

Here is an outlineĀ of the educational visits that take place in each year group:


Ruislip Lido visit


Paradise Wildlife Park visit

Year 1

Woodside Animal Farm visit

London Transport Museum visit

Year 2

Synagogue visit

Pizza Express visit

Kew Gardens visit

Year 3

Reveley Lodge visit

HOAC visit

Year 4

British Museum visit

Affinity Water visit

Kingswood Outdoor Activity Centre (one night residential)

Year 5

Tower of London visit

Stanmore Treasure Hunt

Golden Hinde Living History (one night residential)

Year 6

RAF Hendon visit

Robin Wood (two night residential)