Curriculum & Learning

The basis of the curriculum at Whitchurch, in common with all schools, is the National Curriculum with religious education. However, the children’s studies will not be limited to these requirements alone. For example, French is taught from Year 1 and all children follow a programme of Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education. The planned curriculum is intended to develop the children’s knowledge, experience, imagination and self-confidence.

Pupils are encouraged to be independent in their learning, but also to be part of the school community to which they can make their own contribution. Teaching methods will vary according to the child’s needs, available resources and the learning objectives. We aim to match work as closely as possible to the child’s attainment level while providing realistic challenges. There is a good balance of whole class teaching, paired or group activities and individual work. Some of the teaching is through topic work, which has as a main focus either history, geography or science. Other subjects link to the topic where this is appropriate, or are taught in separate modules of work.

Lessons are interactive and we use a range of equipment such as interactive whiteboards, visualisers and iPads. There are at least two computers in every classroom and 32 computers in both of our e-Learning Centres. We have two a fantastic, newly refurbished food technology rooms. We have an excellent music department with many different instruments in school and specialist music teachers which come into the school. Whitchurch is a very multicultural school where children’s varying belief systems and religions are studied and celebrated.

Lessons are interactive and we use a range of equipment such as interactive whiteboards, visualisers and iPads