Behaviour and Rewards

At Whitchurch we have a Code of Conduct that children are expected to follow. They earn rewards for their good behaviour.
  • We will try to understand what other people feel. Our behaviour will affect how others feel; we should always think about what we do and say.
  • In class we should make it as easy as we can for everyone to learn and the teacher to teacher. This means a) listening carefully to our teacher, and b) working quietly and cooperatively without distracting others.
  • We will move quietly around the school, without running, shouting or barging, think about safety of others.
  • We are ready to help others, by opening doors or standing back to let others through.
  • We will not fight or kick, whether real or play; at any time.
  • We know that bullying of any sort is not acceptable.
  • We will keep our school clean and tidy, put litter in the bin, and clear up after lunch or other activities.
  • We will try to be in the right place at the right time and keep to those areas of the school that we are supposed to be.
  • We respect other people’s property and will always seek permission before touching it.
  • When coming to or from school, or when we are out of school on a visit or school journey, we will remember that we represent and carry with us the good name of Whitchurch Primary School.
  • We will wear correct school uniform each day, and wear the proper kit for all P.E. activities.

At Whitchurch the children are divided into four house teams which they stay in throughout their time here:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Blue

The children gain Carrot rewards for good behaviour, attitude and effort which count toward the totals for each team. Weekly results are available on Frog and the winning team are announced every week in assembly. In addition, pupils compete in these teams in various sporting events and other activities across the year.