At Whitchurch, we believe that the teaching of English should be of the highest quality, ensuring children can learn the fundamental skills needed to develop their understanding of language, build confidence in the subject and be prepared for the future. Children are at the heart of the curriculum, and staff are encouraged to plan and implement creative lessons which are driven by the passions and interests of the children; allowing them the chance to ‘learn through exploration’. Through the use of diverse texts and authors, children are exposed to a range of perspectives to enable them to grow as individuals, to make links between different concepts and subjects and question their role and influence within the wider world.

We feel English teaches our children:

  • to be passionate about reading and writing and have the opportunity to showcase their own personalities and interests though the study of these skills
  • to become more fluent and confident readers who develop the key phonetic knowledge needed for to become independent learners
  • to develop their comprehension skills and become confident to question the world around them through the texts they read and their interpretation of these
  • to develop their subject knowledge in spelling, grammar and punctuation to aid them in their writing in the future
  • to develop a stamina for writing and be creative with their compositions, bringing in their own perspectives or passions
  • to be able to articulate themselves more freely and have a deeper understanding of vocabulary
  • to grow in confidence to communicate with others through paired and group work, as well as become more confident to present in front of people
  • to be exposed to a diverse range of texts, authors and influential figures, allowing them to broaden their knowledge of the world around them and to embrace their personal perspectives
  • to make links between the skills learned in English and other subjects within the curriculum and understand that education is a fluid process


Our phonics scheme: Read Write Inc.

Parent Guide to Read Write Inc.

Read Write Inc.


English Leader: Mrs Cummings


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