Key Stage 2 Team

Year 3 Leader

Miss N Lakhani

Year 3 Teachers

Miss N Lakhani (3NL)
Mrs M Selby (3MS)
Miss M Shameem (3SM)
Ms L Aid (3LA)


Year 4 Leader

Mrs B Solanki

Year 4 Teachers

Mrs B Solanki (4BS)
Mrs C Marin (4CM)
Miss X Liu (4XL)
Mrs R Price (4SF)


Year 5 Leader

Mrs K Portou

Year 5 Teachers

Mrs K Portou and Mrs D Aghabra (5PA)
Mrs S Cummings (5SC)
Mrs S Khan (5SK)
Miss E Thomas (5ET)

Mrs S Chentouf


Year 6 Leader

Miss H Hogberg

Year 6 Teachers

Miss H Hogberg (6HH)
Mrs A Shah (6AS)
Mrs O Istratoaie (6EH)
Miss M Osman (6MO)

Mrs E Hill



Whitchurch Primary School and Nursery Wemborough Road, Stanmore, Middlesex, HA7 2EQ
Interim Headteacher | Mr M Thompson-Lawrie