At Whitchurch, we believe that Music enriches our pupils’ lives providing a wealth of learning opportunities and transferrable skills. At the heart of Music, the curriculum is engaging and meaningful ensuring that it is inclusive for all pupils and focuses on the development of core musicianship skills.

Through a spiral and progressive music curriculum, we aim to:

  • Nurture each student's innate musical abilities
  • Foster creativity and individual expression
  • Be appreciative of different music styles and traditions
  • Become analytical when listening to music and learn to use subject specific vocabulary
  • Encourage performance, teamwork and mutual respect
  • Highlight the importance of undertaking enrichment activities that can celebrate students’ talents and interests
  • Instill a lifelong love and appreciation for the art of music 


Director of Music: Mrs Leutfeld


'The school’ s music curriculum is a good example of the ambition for pupils learning. In addition to a carefully thought out music curriculum, many pupils play an instrument and perform in school choirs and ensembles.' (Ofsted, 2023)

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Headteacher | Mr J Pine