Year 4 visit to St Paul's Cathedral (November 2022)

Year 4 children visited St Paul's Cathedral for a guided tour to enrich their learning about Faith and Belief. During the tour, they re-enacted the Nativity story after being shown the Mother and Son sculpture by the famous artist Henry Moore. The children enjoyed the role playing (dressing up as shepherds, the three wise men and the angels) as they explored different parts of the church. They learnt the significance of the Nativity story to Christmas and that the best Christmas presents are themselves; showing care and kindness, being generous and helping others. They also enjoyed the aerial view of London from the dome of the cathedral!



Whitchurch Primary School and Nursery Wemborough Road, Stanmore, Middlesex, HA7 2EQ
Interim Headteachers |
Mr M Bradley and Mr M Thompson-Lawrie