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Reception visit to Hertfordshire Zoo

Date: 17th May 2024 @ 4:31pm

Reception have been learning al about animals this half term. We had a thoroughly wild day at Hertfordshire Zoo exploring a range of animals including lions, tigers, meerkats and penguins!


Year 5 visit to Kew Gardens

Date: 16th May 2024 @ 12:25am

Year 5 enjoyed a visit to Kew Gardens to sketch some of the beautiful flowers and participate in a Plants Scientist workshop. We visited the iconic Palm House to experience the tropical climate and also observed plants from arid parts of the world in the Princess of Wales Conservatory. During the workshop we took part in practical activities relating to the life cycle of plants, methods or reproduction and seed dispersal. It was an enjoyable day full of observation and exploration!



Year 2 visit to the Florence Nightingale Museum

Date: 25th Mar 2024 @ 2:03pm

Year 2 visited the Florence Nightingale Museum in London, within the grounds of St Thomas's Hospital, to support our topic about inspirational women. During our visit we learnt how Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole made remarkable changes to the healthcare system.



Year 6 visit to Essex Outdoors Danbury

Date: 25th Mar 2024 @ 2:20pm

Year 6 enjoyed a residential visit to Essex Outdoors in Danbury. We had the best time! We took part in a wide range of activities including the vertical challenge, bridge build, zip wire, leap of faith, archery, caving, obstacle course and aerial treking. It was a great opportunity to develop our teamwork skills and resilience!


Year 5 visit to The British Museum

Date: 12th Mar 2024 @ 10:22am

Year 5 visited The British Museum to delve into Ancient Greece as enrichment for our topic. During our visit we had the opportunity to use Samsung Galaxy tablets to support our learning about the Parthenon (an ancient Greek temple). We also enjoyed searching for information about myths and legends, gods and goddesses, pottery and everyday life in various galleries. It was an engaging visit which helped to bring our learning about Ancient Greece to life!


World Book Day

Date: 11th Mar 2024 @ 1:32pm

World Book Day on Thursday was a great success! Children came to school dressed for the occasion as their favourite book characters and enjoyed an action packed day of activities to celebrate our love of reading, including a sponsored readathon, reading buddies, book exchange and class book corner competition!


Year 2 visit to Canons Park

Date: 1st Mar 2024 @ 2:28pm

In Science Year 3 are learning all about plants. As part of our topic 'Diving into Nature' we visited Canons Park to identify different types of plants we are learning about. We considered how plants thrive in different locations and whether their requirements for growth - including sunlight, water, air and nutrients - are met. It was great to visit our local park to experience nature!


Year 4 visit to The Science Museum

Date: 1st Mar 2024 @ 2:12pm

Year 4 visited The Science Museum to learn all about Energy and Inventions.

During our visit to the Energy Hall we learnt all about steam power in line with our Science topic 'Electricity' and observed how steam engines were designed and improved over time. We also explored the legendary attic workshop of engineer James Watt and were fascinated with his inventions!

We also visited Secret Life of the Home exhibition where we learnt how our homes have changed over time and enjoyed a hands-on experience of the hidden workings of everyday household objects.

Finally, we explored the making of the Modern World Gallery where we learnt about objects and iconic items invented up to 250 years ago and how they have shaped our society. It was a brilliant day enjoyed by all!



Year 5 visit to The Science Museum

Date: 5th Mar 2024 @ 10:46am

As enrichment in Science, Year 5 attended a workshop called 'Flash, Bang, Wallop!' which was jam-packed with thrilling experiments and demonstrations designed to help us find out about fire and explosions. We explored the Earth and Space gallery to learn about Man's historical journey to space and explored the new Technicians and Engineers galleries - exhibiting the various careers and skills required in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) related professions and shining a spotlight on female engineers. We also discovered how computing skills such as coding and special effects are used in the manufacturing industry and post-production in the media industry. The day sparked our enthusiasm for Science and aspirations for the future!


Year 3 Roman Day

Date: 9th Feb 2024 @ 1:20pm

Year 3 have enjoyed a special Roman Day as enrichment for our topic about The Romans.

We had a fantastic time making and decorating our own shields and swords/daggers all morning. In the afternoon we had a session about Roman Numerals and also also enjoyed making Roman inspired mosaics. It was a great experience and lots of fun dressing up as Romans for the day!


Year 6 visit to The Natural History Museum

Date: 3rd Feb 2024 @ 12:00pm

Year 6 visited The Natural History Museum as enrichment for our Science topic 'Evolution and Inheritance', where we have been learning what evolution is and how it happens. At the museum we participated in a workshop and went on a trail to find out about the life and work of Mary Anning and her fossils; we also learnt more about the great Charles Darwin and his theory of natural selection.


Year 1 visit to Windsor Castle

Date: 29th Jan 2024 @ 10:42am

This week, Year 1 went on an exciting trip to Windsor Castle as enrichment for our topic 'Kings and Queens'. During our visit we saw all the rooms we have been learning about, including the Dolls' House which belonged to Queen Mary. We also discovered all of the precious gifts that Queen Elizabeth II had received from different monarchs across the globe and saw some amazing pieces of art in each room - we particularly liked the paintings on the celing! It was a great trip and we had lots of questions on the way back to school!


Year 4 visit to St Paul's Cathedral

Date: 1st Dec 2023 @ 1:52am

Year 4 visited St Paul's Cathedral in London for a guided tour and to learn more about the Christmas story. We heard tales of characters including Mary and the shepherds, dressed up to take part in a procession to the manger and imagined what it would have been like to make the journey to Bethlehem. We also reflected on the wider meaning of Christmas.

To make our visit even more memorable we climbed 257 steps to enjoy the views from the very special Whispering Gallery and 376 steps to the Stone Gallery to enjoy the views of London!


Year 2 visit to Woodland Forest School

Date: 7th Nov 2023 @ 10:35am

Year 2 visited the local forest school to explore the natural world and learn about minibeasts and their habitats. We enjoyed digging in the soil to discover minibeasts such as worms and woodlice, learning more about their characteristics and what makes their habitat suitable. We also worked together to build a den using natural resources such as branches and twigs from the environment. 
"I really enjoyed collecting worms of different sizes and working with my friends to make a den."

Year 3 visit to Hindu Temple

Date: 30th Oct 2023 @ 11:31am

Year 3 visited a local Hindu temple to support their learning about Hinduism in R.E. We learnt about the core values of Hinduism and beliefs that many Hindus have, whilst gaining an insight into stories behind some of the great Gods within Hinduism.


Year 5 visit to The Royal Mews

Date: 30th Oct 2023 @ 4:31pm

Year 5 enjoyed a right royal visit to The Royal Mews at Buckinham Palace as enrichment for our learning about the British monarchy and British values. We visited the coach houses to explore an array of old and new coaches, as well as two of the beautiful carriage horses. We took a leisurely walk around St James's Park and observed a variety of birds including pelicans and swans before ending up at Buckingham Palace!


International Day

Date: 13th Oct 2023 @ 4:36pm

At Whitchurch we celebrated International Day as a school, dressed in our own cultural clothing for the day. We researched different cultures and participated in a range of activities and workshops throughout the day, including African art, British etiquette, flag painting, mask design and Chinese poetry. There was lots of art, music, singing and dance for all of us to enjoy. We then looked forward to FoW's International Evening with food and entertainment for all the family - all coming together to celebrate our cultures.


Year 5 visit to The Ragged Museum

Date: 6th Oct 2023 @ 10:45am

Year 5 are learning all about the Victorian Era this half term. We visited The Ragged Museum in East London to immerse ourselves in Victorian history, which was a wonderful experience. We took part in a mock Victorian lesson, where we sat in rows and wrote on chalk boards; we also discovered how Victorians washed their clothes using a drum, washboard and dolly, which was very labour intensive!


Year 3 Stone Age Workshop

Date: 25th Sep 2023 @ 11:13am

Year 3 are learning all about the Stone Age this half term. We participated in an enjoyable hands-on workshop with Ug the Stoneage man, featuring activities such as making weapons with wood and flint, cave painting and archery! We also investigated bones and other artefacts. It was a great experience which helped to bring our learning about this key part of history to life!


Year 6 visit to The Imperial War Museum

Date: 17th Sep 2023 @ 10:23pm

Year 6 visited The Imperial War Museum in London to kick-start their learning about World War II in History. It was fascinating to gain an insight into the lives of people in this important period of UK and world history; we also enjoyed viewing and handling a range of artefacts including wartime uniform, an Anderson shelter and gas masks.


Friends of Whitchurch Summer Fair

Date: 12th Jul 2023 @ 9:59am

Our Summer Fair on Sunday was a great success - bringing the school community together with fun for everyone! There were a wide range of activities and stalls on offer to keep everyone entertained for the day... sports skills, a bouncy castle, tombola, spin the wheel, food and drink, arts, crafts and beauty, as well as a mini market and prize raffle. We were also visited by a very friendly mascot, the Local Fire Brigade and Metropolitan Police officers who kept the children entertained for hours!

Thank you to everyone who turned up, had fun and bought some treats. Also huge thanks to Friends of Whitchurch for all their hard work and enthusiasm in organising this fantastic event.


Pirates of the Curry Bean

Date: 12th Jul 2023 @ 2:42pm

Year 6 children put on a wonderful performance of 'Pirates of the Curry Bean' over two evenings. We put a lot of hard work into learning our lines, singing songs and entertaining our families. It was lots of fun preparing costumes, props and scenery for the play to celebrate our time at Whitchurch. Thanks to everyone involved!


Year 4 visit to Barnet FC

Date: 13th Jul 2023 @ 9:03am

Year 4 had the amazing opportunity to visit The Hive - home to Barnet FC and the London Bees. This was a wonderful treat after their training from Barnet FC coaches in the spring term. Children played mini matches on the astro-turf training field and also enjoyed a tour of the stadium - including the changing rooms and the pitch itself!




Year 3 visit to Rock up!

Date: 4th Jul 2023 @ 12:18pm

Year 3 enjoyed an adventurous session at Rock Up! We showed resilience and strength on a range of challenging climbing equipment to brave new heights.


Year 1 visit to Sea Life London Aquarium

Date: 4th Jul 2023 @ 12:32pm

Year 1 visited Sea Life London Aquarium as enrichment for our topic 'Plastic is not fantastic! We were lucky to see over 500 species of fish and learnt about conservation issues many of these species face. We were so excited to watch enormous sharks swim right in front of our eyes and marvelled at the giant rays elegantly gliding through the water. We explored small touch pools and got to walk on glass over tanks! It was a brilliant day and a great opportunity to get up close to marine life.



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